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Next level reports.

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Time saving.

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More engaging.


Easy to use.
Easy to love.

Write reports clients and referrals want to read, while saving you time and report errors.

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Psychological tests

Reduced report time

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Subscriber reviews

When I first started using Peregrine, I was a bit skeptical about how it would be received by clients and referring providers. Turns out, I was very wrong, clients and providers love that it is very reader-friendly! I've since transitioned to using it for all of my reports. Now, I can devote my time to what will really benefit clients, conceptualizations, finding resources, and giving thoughtful recommendations. All while getting reports out in a more timely manner to expedite the process to get clients support and accommodations faster. If you want to save time, reduce stress, and enhance client care, I highly recommend using Peregrine for report writing.

Dr. Sanderson Brown, Clinical Psychologist

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